I think that I told the story of my last meeting with John a while ago, on VoxTalks? I had literally bumped into him at Cherokee Recording Studios, on Fairfax Avenue, in Hollywood, several months before his death. He, accompanied by Yoko Ono, had come to visit Ringo who was recording in the next studio to where I was working, producing Lonnie Jordan, the keyboardist and main singer from the band WAR.

In actuality, the conversation was nothing special, really. We sort of picked up from the last time we were together. Mostly it was small talk about mutual friends and what we’d each been up to in the transpiring time. The only strange thing was his parting remark, when I said that I had to go back to my session. He said “Well, I suppose you’ll want to get together?” as if it was expected of him. It really surprised me as we didn’t have that kind of friendship. I mean, he didn’t have to say anything like that. We parted – he to see Ringo and me to wind down my session – and that was last time that I saw him – Well, almost!

Funnily enough, as I was driving away from the studio, a short while later, I saw John and Yoko, standing on the corner, at the junction of Fairfax and Melrose, across from Fairfax High School, waiting for the traffic lights to change. I smiled to myself at this, because nobody seemed to notice the two of them – most probably two of the most recognizable faces in the world, at the time – as they stood at the curbside with crowds of school kids and shoppers all around them, and traffic streaming in all directions.

That was the last time I saw John…

Copyright 2002 Christopher Huston