From my friend Dave. Don’t waste your money here folks!

I made the big mistake of advising my wife and son to visit one of our local florists to buy flowers to celebrate our son’s 12 month anniversary with his girlfriend. Big mistake! The gentleman was rude and sullen to my wife and son. I phoned up to complain and as soon as I heard the miserable greeting on the other end of the phone, I had a feeling this was the person concerned. I explained that he’d lost business from my wife and son and explained why. His reply was ‘Lost what from who?’ – so I had to explain veeeeerrrrryyyy slowly ‘Lost business from wife and son’. LOL! I’m laughing now, but not then. Perhaps he had a busy day, but my wife works in a vey busy hospital and even on her really bad days, she’s a little ray of sunshine compared to the gentleman in the florist :-)

The shop concerned is Rose ‘N’ Buds, 28 Sundon Park Parade, Sundon Park Road, Luton. Keep well away from it and spend your money at the many other Luton florists instead.